Name: Anne Chun Hathaway

Occupation: Studio Film Publicist

City: Los Angeles, CA

1. My style is… uptown bohemian

2. I cannot live without… my iPhone

3. My last purchase was… Balenciaga Velo bag 

4. Next on my wishlist is… Hermes Cape Cod watch double strap in orange.

5. My fave fashion…

…Blog? The Blonde Salad, she has a great wardrobe and she is based overseas, so it’s great to see her style compared to those in the states.

…Icon? Jenna Lyons, she has great personal style and what she did for J.Crew is amazing.

…Brand? The Row and Isabel Marant

6. What most inspires your Trendabl posts? I love posting anything that makes me pause and gives me that “I need it” feeling. I mostly post pictures that I find to be a beautiful presentation of a trend I’m into or a classic item styled in an interesting way.

7. If you could shop anyone’s closet, whose would it be? Kate Moss. She has beautiful, one of a kind items and a diverse style. I’d love to try on all of her vintage coats and gowns.

8. What trend are you most excited to incorporate into your summer wardrobe? Sequins and embellishments, basically the twenties trend, but I’d like to wear them during the day into the night.

9. What fashion motto do you live by? Live a full life, travel the world and dress accordingly.

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