Trendabl Brand Spotlight: Wildfox

Ever since their “Young Guns” collection back in 2010, inspired by skeleton sweatshirts and quirky tees with sayings like “Let me eat cake” and “Yes please,” we at Trendabl have been Wildfox addicts. The ad campaign alone was enough to have us headed straight for the check out counter, picturing beautiful blonde babes wearing cut offs in convertibles with toy guns and money flying every which way to Sunday. What’s not to love? Their most recent collection “We’re The Kids In America” is equally as bad ass, inspired by our all time fave film Clueless with jumpers stating “Need ride to the mall” and models that actually are Cher and Dionne’s doppelgangers. Click through the images below to read more about the brand we are totally butt crazy for while we go break in our purple clogs. 

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