Trendabl Brand Spotlight: Wildfox

Ever since their “Young Guns” collection back in 2010, inspired by skeleton sweatshirts and quirky tees with sayings like “Let me eat cake” and “Yes please,” we at Trendabl have been Wildfox addicts. The ad campaign alone was enough to have us headed straight for the check out counter, picturing beautiful blonde babes wearing cut offs in convertibles with toy guns and money flying every which way to Sunday. What’s not to love? Their most recent collection “We’re The Kids In America” is equally as bad ass, inspired by our all time fave film Clueless with jumpers stating “Need ride to the mall” and models that actually are Cher and Dionne’s doppelgangers. Click through the images below to read more about the brand we are totally butt crazy for while we go break in our purple clogs. 

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Company name: WILDFOX. Date founded: 2007. Based out of: Los Angeles.
What is your most memorable moment as a brand? Doing a photo shoot at our High School in Santa Barbara
How would you describe the collection's aesthetic? Laid back California girly
Who would you most like to wear these pieces? Right now, Lena Dunham or anyone on Girls
What's the best part of designing the collection? Working with a wonderful, supportive team doing what we love
What most inspires Wildfox's Trendabl posts? Artists, beautiful things, and places
What trends are your team excited about for spring/summer? Iridescent things and lots of pink

Trendabl Member Spotlight

Name: Julia

Occupation: Architecture student

City: Stuttgart/Germany

My style is… classy

I cannot live without… my black leather jacket

My last purchase was… a golden Casio watch

Next on my wish list is… Leo sneakers by Louboutin

My fave fashion….


Icon? Kate Moss

Brand? Christian Louboutin

What most inspires your Trendabl posts? Things I wish I had in my closet :) Or even people with great taste!

If you could shop anyones closet, whose would it be? Definitely Blake Lively’s closet. I just love her style!

What trend are you most excited to incorporate into your winter wardrobe? Some jumpers by Wildfox. Forget about cardigans!

Who would you most like to see on Trendabl? Olivia Palermo

What fashion motto do you live by? Just wear what makes you feel comfortable.

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